Sunday, November 20, 2011

Most important of jobs

Keli Call:
*Photo by Carol Clawson
The other day Gyp told everyone about the sheepherding at the house. Well, I just want it to be known that it is my job to help with the lessons. For example, yesterday was a big day for lessons. First we put sheep out in one of the big fields to graze, then we divided other sheep into groups in the arena and instinct pen for the beginning dogs to work. Some days, unfortunately, that's where my job ends, but other days I actually get to help start dogs. If a newbie doesn't know what to do, and Shauna can't get them to turn on to the sheep (she's really good but some dogs are stubborn) then I get to go in with them. While I work the sheep, the other dog starts out following me around... it's kind of annoying, but I get to work sheep so it's not a big deal. Anyway, after I show them what to do, the newbie will usually start working on their own. That is why I think I have the most important job.

Hope-ful Thoughts:
*Photo by Carol Clawson
My job is to do whatever no one else can handle. Most often, I work the really ornery ewes with brand new lambs or the new rams that we have. They sure are mean. The other guys get to work these sheep too, but if something needs to get done fast or the bad sheep have to do something they really don't want to, I get to go out. I used to do the lessons, but I trained Keli and now let her do it. I mean, sure it was fun, but now I get to lounge around all day and only work the really challenging sheep.

Thoughts from the Trainees:
*Photo by Eric Larsen
I'm Tess. I am learning how to herd sheep, and... uh... some manners. Not that I was bad before, but I have my mom wrapped around my little paw. I could get away with whatever I wanted. Shauna and Kristin make me listen, which it turns out my mom actually really likes. So, I try to listen to her too... but she's still wrapped around my paw. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, sheep herding. I think I'm gonna be really good! Now that I listen, I'm learning how to drive the sheep. At first I didn't understand why Shauna didn't want me to bring the sheep to her, but now I think it's kinda cool. That's all for now. I'm learning lots and having fun. Bye.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Start up and seminar

Gyp Jargon:

I decided to get things rolling with this blog thing... here goes.

The gang and I have settled into the new house. We have been hanging out a lot while the humans get things fixed up. The fences are all up now, so all of my friends should come over! Really, you should see the cool stuff that we get to live with now! All the agility stuff is in the front yard, set up and ready to be used, and the sheep are also practically outside our door!

We get to work the sheep in these HUGE fields, just behind the house. Oh, and the humans even built some nifty pens so the less advanced dogs don't hog the field. Since I get to work more often at the new house, I'm feeling braver and braver all the time. I think I might just try another trial this year. Yup, definitely braver... I'll show Kristin that I can move the sheep with the best of them!

Oh, one other thing... I got to go to an agility seminar last weekend with Daisy Peel. Well, Tag stole my spot for most of the seminar, but I got to do a private lesson the next day. SO fun!! Kristin and I got to play with some crazy international style courses. I'm pretty sure we were just awesome. Here's a video from a trial this summer. Kristin forgot the camera for our lesson. I'm sure she regrets it.

Here's a link to some of my agility runs this summer...

Anyway, I'll try to keep on top of all the other guys to get them to keep the blog updated. Come visit us!

... "Dang it, Tag, what do you want?"

Tag Tales:

I just wanted to add something really, really quick. Ok? Ok, Kristin? Well, here goes anyway...
I got to do some of the seminar, too. I was good! Really good! And it was SO fun!
My sister, Jade, is getting most of the training right now, but that's ok. Don't tell her I said this, but she's gonna be pretty amazing at herding and agility, of course I'll always be the best sister. So, yeah, she looks good.
I love the new place. There are sheep and agility right outside the doors, and we get to go on long runs every day in the giant fields around us!
I think that's it. Everyone else is outside working. Kristin needed to work on the website, so Gyp and I got to be in charge of the blog! I think it's fun! Tell everyone to come visit. We are always up for some fun and adventure.